Das verwendete Bildmaterial ist bei „fotolia by Adobe“  ( für SIKKER Datenschutz & Compliance, F.Hillmer lizensiert.

Matthias Enter – Orange Grey Webicons – People Work Business
kras99 – Digital technology world. Business virtual concept. Vector background

Social Media Plattformen (Facebook, Twitter, google+ und Instagram)
WrightStudio – Patented Patent Copyright Law Business technology concept. – Stick Figure Series / Radsport
NicoElNino – Cybersecurity and data privacy protection concept, lock, binary digits background
Riko Best – Schild Dieselfahrverbot
Production Perig – Businessman holding Cloud of justice and law icon bubble with data 3d rendering
Wellnhofer Designs – Gebrauchtwagen, Gebrauchtfahrzeug
nd3000 – Picture of people running on treadmill in gym
rogerphoto – Bookkeepers team or financial inspectors making report, calculating or checking balance. Group of people at work. Business operations concept
blattwerkstatt – Schild Achtung Rutschgefahr Carmen 56 – Reiserücktrittversicherung
Good Studio – Diverse group of business people, entrepreneurs or office workers isolated on white background. Multinational company. Old and young men and women standing together. Flat cartoon vector illustration
Azat Valeev – Scissors, knife for shaving, comb on white – Strichfiguren / Strichmännchen: Gleichberechtigung. (Nr. 169)
Trueffelpix – Ärzteteam berät Patient im Krankenhaus
fotomek – 3D Illustration weißes Männchen mit Lupe und Auto
TeraVector – Vector Doctor Online has Written Treatment Recipe
fotohansel – vss17 VideoSurveillanceSign vss – ks141 Kombi-Schild – Hinweis Zeichen Piktogramm – Videoüberwachung – DIN A1 A2 A3 A4 Poster XXL – blau g4745
Tatyana – Man in white shirt pushing broken car forward. Concept flat vector illustration. Isolated on white background.
Yuliia – Streaming video. Vector. Online video concept. Internet video illustration. Online learning co Cozine – extreamly close up the stacking of office working document with paper clip folder
Igor Link – warnschild wegen dem Schneefall
neirfy – Pile of pills
Siam – Young adult woman walking up the stairs with sun sport background
JFL Photography – Winter wonderland with mountain chalets in the Alps
BRN-Pixel – DE-Mail
Tali Russ – Cannabis – Marijuana oil extracts in jars and leaves for treatment.
AA+W – Rauchmelder in Wohnung – Feuermelder
sebra – Business people are exchanging document
Max Broszat – Vektor – Absolutes Halteverbot / Vector – No Parking – Feuerlöschersymbol
sarayut_sy – Press enter button on the keyboard computer Shield cyber Key lock security system abstract technology world digital link cyber security on hi tech Dark blue background, lock finger Keyboard
babaroga – colorful silhouettes of people running in the city
Michael Traitov – Access control and cyber security concept. Padlocks and locks on virtual digital screen. Data and information protection protocol. Secure connection.
Thaut Images – DSGVO – Datenschutz Konzept
Chaiyawat – Fact or Fake concept, Hand flip wood cube change the word, April fools day
astrosystem – Woman using cellphone and laptop inside house while having a breakfast.
Zerbor – Tastatur mit blauer Taste – Cloud Computing
Kirill – Young man with smartphone
designer491 – Whistleblower law on a court desk.
kazoka303030 – 患者の話を聞く医師
karepa – Oktoberfest ,bayerische Spezialitäten und Bier
magele-picture – Faktencheck / Tafel mit Glühbirnen
pe3check – General data protection regulation german mutation: Datenschutz Grundverordnung (DSGVO)
romaset – Business woman holds a coin near wooden piggy. Money box. Collecting money with earning bank.
Alexander Limbach – White Paper Speech Bubbles Gray Header
MicroOne – Phishing scam, hacker attack and web security vector concept
Coloures-Pic – Pararaf an der Wand – Background.
Stockwerk-Fotodesign – Smartphone Handy Hasskommentar melden Hatespeech
buyman – Zensus 2011
Tomasz Zajda – Modern Brush Car Wash
PureSolution – Vector illustration concept of market research, seo, business analysis, strategy, digital marketing, teamwork. Creative flat design for web banner, marketing material, business presentation.
momius – Löschen
Natee Meepian – Close up a man working about financial with calculator at his office to calculate expenses, Accountigng concept – Signing a signature with a fountain pen
fotomek – 3D Illustration steigende Immobilienpreise
magele-picture – Whistleblower on white torn paper
DOC RABE Media – DSGVO, Datenschutz, Datenschutzgrundverordnung, Grundverordnung, Datenspeicherung, Datenverarbeitung, Compliance, Richtlinie
bht2000 – Richterhammer – BGH
momoforsale – HTTPS Protocol Concept vector illustration
DoraZett – Deutsches Reitpferd auf der Weide
vanillya – Button ePVO, ePrivacy Verordnung, Verlauf – Tool belt with tools on wooden background
Riko Best – Diesel Fahrverbot Straßenschild – Straßenverkehr im Hintergrund
Eisenhans – Sicherheit durch Rauchmelder
phaisarnwong2517 – Plane trucks are flying towards the destination with the brightest.
comzeal – Submit a document for car loan
rcfotostock – law book with gavel and paragraph symbol in court office – law concept image
Trueffelpix – Wahl 2018, Wahlurne und Stimmzettel – Concept.
Waler – Fußball
adiruch na chiangmai – Business people use Technology E-commerce Internet Global Marketing Purchasing Plan and Bank Concept
rcfotostock – Statue of justice
fotogestoeber – Paragrafen-Symbol an graue Wand gelehnt
fotomek – 3d Männchen im blauen Auto
Sikov – Human Resources HR management Recruitment Employment Headhunting Concept
fotomek – 3d Männchen Schulterverletzung
vege – warning
bagotaj – Unsecured Public Wireless Hotspot Design – Wifi Security Breaches, Business Cybercrime Concept – Vector Illustration
skywalk154 – Aktenordner (grün) mit Beschriftung Bank – Strichfiguren / Strichmännchen: Brief, Nachricht, Briefträger. (Nr. 46)
Grecaud Paul – Euro banknotes and coins with bills to pay
Gorodenkoff – Shot of Corridor in Working Data Center Full of Rack Servers and Supercomputers with Cloud Storage Advantages Icon Visualisation.
ra2 studio – Female hand holding coloured and white envelope with blue background and message symbols around
kebox – Wetter auf dem Smartphone
fotofabrika – natural facial cream with lavender
Robert Kneschke – Handschlag und Begrüßung zwischen Business Partnern
natali_mis – Doctor shows a basket of drugs
New Africa – Flat lay composition with tablet, stethoscope and test form on wooden background. Urology concept
fotogestoeber – Schriftzug „§DSGVO“ und Glühbirnen auf Kreidetafel
rcfotostock – large crowd of anonymous blurred people at a trade show hall
Mangostar – Cheerful business coach explaining strategy
cirquedesprit – Jetzt bestellen – Button
Robert Kneschke – DSGVO Datenschutz-Grundverordnung Konzept
Waler – Verkehrsschild Gefahrenstelle
MH – Kontakt
undrey – Female writer typing using laptop keyboard at her workplace in the morning. Woman writing blogs online, side view close-up picture
fotogestoeber – torn up paper revealing „top secret“
fullvector – Cloudy storage server, mobile phone data upload, server room rack, protocol data center, data sturcture backup copy concept, neon dark gradient background
Egor – Business, Technology, Internet and network concept. Young businessman working on a virtual screen of the future and sees the inscription: Data protection
sebra – Business handshake in the office
LIGHTFIELD STUDIOS – children in safari costumes and hats pointing and looking in binoculars
Stockfotos-MG – Kündigung Arbeitsvertrag
tam – Red person standing in the crowd. Human concept, 3d illustration
chalabala – Police car on the street
Rainer Fuhrmann – nachts warten Taxis auf Fahrgäste
pixelliebe – Osterhase mit frohe Ostern Osterei
sunsdesign0014 – World Backup Day.
vladwel -Online form survey on laptop vector illustration, person working on computer showing quiz exam paper sheet document, top view working table flat style design
Sondem – Portrait of Muslim Women in green Headscarf
Jag_cz – Airplane jetliner flying above clouds in beautiful sunset light.
brat82 – Retro old microphones for press conference or interview recording on wooden table front gradient aquamarine wall background. Vintage old style filtered photo
Tomasz Zajda – Pro Photography Equipment
kebox – Alles rund um Autos und Verkehr online
Jyll – Wechselgeld Bargeld Scheine Münzen Euro – Comic von Hand gezeichnet
stas111 – Hand stamping. Notary approving a documents. Vector illustration in flat style
5second – Check boxes on white paper
weerapat1003 – security lock symbol on computer circuit board
tomass2015 – Speech bubbles for comment
vege – health care
adiruch na chiangmai – Online Shopping Add to Cart Order Store buy Sale Online shopping concept
MH – Technologie
pixelnest – Netzwerkkabel
Peter Atkins – EC Cash & Geldbeutel
elenabsl – Internet and networks – Laptop on tablet and abstract illustration
Trueffelpix – Schneeräumung mit Schneeschaufel
martialred – Scales of justice flat icon for apps and websites
bf87 – SEO – Search Engine Optimization – Concept with Laptop and Magnifying Glass
pico – button with text Testsieger
Do Ra – Kontakt Icons – Strichfiguren / Strichmännchen: To do, Planung. (Nr. 35)
momius – Datenaustausch
guukaa – roter Stempel Fake-News!
Andrey Popov – Businessperson’s Hand Calculating Bill With Calculator
t.paisit – mobile payment ,online shopping concept – Eu.
denis_pc – People in a metro train. Passangers In Subway. Public Transport.
martialred – Adblock or red stop sign icon with hand / palm flat icon for apps and websites
alona_s – Cross sign element. Red grunge X icon, isolated on white background. Mark graphic design. Button for vote, decision, web. Symbol of error, check, wrong and stop, failed. Vector illustration
Ian – Male Female Wage gap
Zerbor – Tastatur mit beschrifteter Taste – Datenschutz
Stockfotos-MG – Widerrufsrecht BGB – Strichfiguren / Strichmännchen: Strategie, Analyse, Umfrage. (Nr. 65)
b-photodesign – Truck on the road
Smileus – Winter Landschaft: Zauberhafter Sonnenuntergang im Wald
bukhta79 – Drug prescription for treatment medication. Pharmaceutical medicament, cure in container for health. Pharmacy theme, capsule pills with medicine antibiotic in packages. – Strichfiguren / Strichmännchen: . Smiley, Bewertung, Ampel. (Nr. 112)
alphaspirit – Future vision of a robot hand.3d rendering
K.C. – Das ändert sich 2018 Stempel rot
AA+W – Lady Justice Statue
Thaut Images – Champagner zum Fest
alphaspirit – Manage global internet communication
Robert Kneschke – Business Zusammenarbeit mit Energie
Markus Mainka – Online Shopping E-Commerce einkaufen im Internet
sdecoret – Bright lightbulbs and connections lined up 3D rendering
oatawa – Woman using smartphone and laptop with icon graphic Cyber security network of connected devices and personal data security
jozsitoeroe – Sim Karte.
sasinparaksa – Businessman with question mark on head, on concrete wall background
golubovy – Typing on laptop closeup, chatting in Facebook, meeting website. Blogger, journalist writing new article.
viktor88 – 3d man with no sign. 3d render.
valerybrozhinsky – Big brother electronic eye concept, technologies for the global surveillance, security of computer systems
John Smith – Dislike
M-SUR – Handwritten graffiti Protect Whistleblowers on the wall, anarchist aesthetics. Appeal to expose illegal, unethical and not correct activities because of public good
Jakub Jirsák – Business to government B2G – Strichfiguren / Strichmännchen: . Smiley, Bewertung, Ampel. (Nr. 112)
alexkich – man broke the glass of the car a little stone
drong – Casino banner with roulette, poker chips. Vector illustration the wheel fortune in casino
Denys Rudyi -Europe map with countries flags
Thaut Images – Stau auf der Autobahn
sdecoret – Businessman holding piggy bank with flying coins sketch
sdecoret – Businessman holding a hand-drawn antivirus system
Denys Rudyi – Big data blockchain concept
Trueffelpix – Barrierefreiheit – Strichmännchen schiebt Rollstuhl über eine
atScene – Dark MultiColor Web Button
boedefeld1969 – Weiche, Detail einer Weiche, Eisenbahn, Transport
monsitj – Fingerprint Scanning on blue technology Illustration
brat82 – Retro old orange TV receiver on table front gradient aquamarine wall background. Vintage style filtered photo
vege – world data
nito – transgender symbol in the palm of the hand
georgejmclittle – street girl free wifi
bf87 – SEO Concept with Laptop and Icons
sdecoret – Businessman using digital padlock to secure his datas 3D rendering
Nmedia – Internet Information Programming Technology Concept
sp4764 – Hacker am Laptop
bluedesign – High-Speed Data Streaming
ruslan_khismatov – Closeup of Http Address in Web Browser in Shades of Blue – Shallow Depth of Field, border design panoramic banner
Oakozhan – Red Paragraph sign
nithid18 – Driving with mobile phone recording
aquar – Hand holding smart mobile phone on light wall background, closeup picture
Jakub Jirsák – Business to government B2G
Atlantis – Bus à impériale
sdecoret – Businessman using law protection right 3D rendering
Marco2811 – schufa
seen0001 – tan generator
peshkov – Communication concept
nasir1164 – Key shape wordcloud tag keylogger
NicoElNino – Fingerprint scan provides security access with biometrics identification – Statue of justice and book.
wwwebmeister – Share Button – 3D illustration
Nattnicha – Woman whispering into someone ear telling her something secret,
golubovy – Typing on laptop closeup, chatting in Facebook, meeting website. Blogger, journalist writing new article
Lucky Dragon – gedeckter tisch
ronniechua – Cybercrime Concept
bsd555 – Hand holding smartphone glyph icon
fotogestoeber – Kundenzufriedenheit
momius – IT Sicherheit
Edler von Rabenstein – Pylon
mingirov – Wi-Fi network flat icon on grey background. Vector Illustration
kebox – Online Signatur
Jörg Hüttenhölscher – Deutschland Flagge auf tarndruck Jacke
Tomasz Zajda – Pro Photography Equipment
Weissblick – Privacy blue
Adriaan van Veen – Ebay Online Auktion Auktionshaus Bieten Versteigerung
gradt – Immobilie Inserat Immobilienmarkt
ra2 studio – Hand holding smartphone with media icons and symbol
Christian Müller – German Reichstag in Berlin, Germany, with national flags
leberus – Simple browser window for computer, tablet and mobile phone on blue background. Browser search flat vector illustration
Jakub Jirsák – Intelligent car
S.H.exclusiv – Blumenstrauß mit Herzen
Trueffelpix – Hotline, Callcenter, Servicetelefon
sdecoret – Businessman using digital cloud interface 3D rendering
sdecoret – Businesswoman using free wifi hotspot interface 3D rendering
Mimi Potter – industrie 4.0 – usine du futur – 2016_11 – galaxy
carballo – hands with tablet and digital book
Trueffelpix – Verbindungen – Strichmännchen hält Router
emuo – Couple – Flat Design
Vector modern phone icon in bubble speech – Trezvuy
Markus Mainka – Online Shopping E-Commerce bestellen und einkaufen im Internet
photon_photo – Business, Technology, Internet and network concept. Young businessman working on a virtual screen of the future and sees the inscription: Governance
rcfotostock – justice concept, paragraph and Lady Justice Statue
elxeneize – Beautiful sunset with the Television Tower at Alexanderplatz in Berlin
momius – Vertraulich
stockWERK – Smartphone mit Roaming-Gebühren
Edler von Rabenstein – Banknotes hanging on a clothesline
sdecoret – Businessman using digital padlock to secure his datas 3D rendering
Andrey Kiselev – fast development concept
K.-U. Häßler – Ostern 71
Robert Kneschke – Digital Business Transformation als Konzept
ra2 studio – Hand holding smartphone with media icons and symbol
stadtratte – Geld und die Roaming Kosten in der EU
georgejmclittle – street girl free wifi
vege – scribble network
patpitchaya – Choose Smile Face
bilalulker – SEO, Adwords, Traffic
Maksym Yemelyanov – Yellow folder and lock. Data and privacy security concept. Infor
jummie – close up two office printers
kebox – E-Government
fotohansel – charging battery of different modern digital devices on leaf green background
bounlow-pic – Datenschutzgesetz
vege – people
Jakub Jirsák – Data management and privacy
sdecoret – Modern green desktop interior with devices 3D rendering
VRD – Sensible Daten
sdecoret – Businessman using hand-drawn presentation
Imillian – reading whistle blower screen magnifying glass 3d illustration
crazycloud – Daten
ktsdesign – Fingerprint integrated in a printed circuit, releasing binary codes
Coloures-pic – Transparenz & Effizienz
kartoxjm –
Daumen hoch und runter (in Grün und Rot)
stokkete –
Online shopping
kirill_makarov –
Robot cleaner with mop. Isolated. Contains clipping path
alexlmx –
Safer Internet Day concept, 3D rendering
Grecaud Paul –
EU flags waving in front of European Parliament building in Brus
Matthias Enter –
stickman talking conversation
momius –
Change your password